With more recollections of airports, train stations and distant locales than of home, we know that your passport and your photos are your most valuable possessions and you take them with you in your suitcase wherever you go.  Distant countries are your playground and your workplace.  With your camera set in advance for the perfect f-stop you are ready for that golden hour sunset you might see today and everyday.  You wear sandals more than high heels.  You've snorkeled in warm waters with parrot fish and sea turtles.  You've gotten lost in the circular streets of Amsterdam and waited hours in line at the night markets of Taipei just to get that perfect snack.  You are a world weary traveler, a dedicated professional and a social media diva.  

Beautiful jewelry shouldn't cost a fortune and should be easy to wear and go with everything, from jeans to cocktail dresses.  Minimalism isn't just fashion, it's a decision to focus on what truly compliments your life.

We know...  

Because we are Odette, we are you.